Company and Investment Law

As a law firm we have ample experience in the field of corporate takeovers and corporate investments. For example management buy outs, management buy ins, venture capital (including start ups) or private equity transactions. In this context we frequently assist buyers and sellers of companies. This could include the drawing up of letters of intent, term sheets, acquisition contracts and/or participation agreements, conducting negotiations and executing diligence-inquiries. We also provide guidance in the process of entering into joint ventures. Sometimes it may be necessary to draw up shareholders’ agreements for the agreements between the shareholders and the target partnership. We dispose of the necessary knowledge to advise you in this area (also) fiscally as optimally as possible. We have established contacts for the notarial assistance in these type of transactions and we are also capable of ‘managing’ cross-border transactions from the Netherlands.

Furthermore, within the context of corporate finance we can also assist in drawing up or assessing the financing arrangements, including the related collateral and personal securities (pledge and mortgage rights, sureties, bank guarantees etc.).

In case of any conflict between shareholders, we have extensive experience in solving such conflicts, if necessary by bringing in the Enterprise Division of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal in the context of an inquiry proceedings, or starting a sell-out procedure. However, starting point is that the court (or maybe an arbitrator) is only brought in if a mutual arrangement definitely has no chance of succeeding.

Think of:
  • corporate takeovers and corporate investments
  • due diligence-inquiries
  • venture capital / private equity
  • management buy-outs and buy-ins
  • joint ventures and supervising start ups shareholders’ conflicts