• Employment Law

    Our employment law specialists are characterized by providing practical, realistic advice, allowing you as an entrepreneur to quickly assess your position. It goes without saying that we draw up employment contracts, non-compete clauses and advise on the interpretation of contractual agreements between employer and employee. By far the largest part of our advice is related to individual or collective redundancy.

  • Company and Investment Law

    As a law firm we have ample experience in the field of corporate takeovers and corporate investments. For example management buy outs, management buy ins, venture capital (including start ups) or private equity transactions. In this context we frequently assist buyers and sellers of companies.

  • IT and intellectual property law

    The added value we can offer your business, lies in advising and drafting but also the conclusion of contracts that involve intellectual property rights. For example copyrights  often are an important issue, but also to the use of trademarks, domains or trade names. We can be of assistance when drafting new and reviewing existing licenses.

  • Corporate Recovery

    You can be confronted with the consequences of bankruptcy and suspension of payment as a creditor, director or employee. As a creditor you want your assets to be met, as a director you can be held liable by the trustee or creditors and as an employee you want to know which rights and obligations you have.

  • Company Law

    One of Blauw Tekstra Uding’s specialisms is corporate law. Our office assists the entrepreneur in preparing and reviewing of various types of contracts and of general delivery or purchase conditions. We also advise on the establishment and termination of all business partnerships, including a joint venture, partnership, general partnership (VOF) and limited partnership (CV).