IT and intellectual property law

The added value we can offer your business, lies in advising and drafting but also the conclusion of contracts that involve intellectual property rights. For example copyrights  often are an important issue, but also to the use of trademarks, domains or trade names. We can be of assistance when drafting new and reviewing existing licenses. As trusted business partner,  we see more and more frequently that the way in which personal data is processed in automated processes is the topic of a legal dispute. Blauw Tekstra Uding can of assistance here in offering advise from the first to final stages.

Our knowledge and experience in these areas and, in particular the field of automation projects, help us when advising you on the complete spectrum of agreements involved. In addition to licensing these can be 'service level agreements (SLAs), maintenance contracts, SAAS contracts, for example: Escrow agreements, when it comes to the depositing of source codes of developed software to an agent.

The IT and Intellectual property law team of Blauw Tekstra Uding is also skilled in conducting litigation, either at the district court or in arbitrage. We can, if necessary, enforce your rights in proceedings or defend your position against an unjustified claim. We can secure your interests by laying seizure or conducting a lawsuit if necessary.

Think of:
  • software contracts and e-commerce contracts
  • (including SLA's and licensing agreements)
  • trade mark law, copyright law and patent law
  • product development agreements
  • agency and distribution agreements
  • general terms and conditions