Press release suspension of payment TCP Direct B.V.

Amsterdam, August 16, 2019

Today the court in Amsterdam granted a suspension of payment to TCP Direct B.V. The court has appointed Mr. H. Kreikamp of Blauw Tekstra Uding Advocaten as administrator.The directors of TCP Direct, together with Mr. Kreikamp are looking for solutions for the current situation. The shared goal of the directors of TCP Direct B.V. and the administrator is that all debt collectors are paid in full.

The decision of the court to grant TCP Direct B.V. the suspension follows the message earlier this week that a delay in payment has occurred with contractors who work for ING. 

This was a direct result of the sudden and unexpected withdrawal of a credit provider of TCP. Moreover, TCP is also pending a late payment by a large client. As a result this has put pressure on its cash flow position. 

Debt collectors will receive written notice from the administrator in the course of next week about the filing of their claim and the further course of the suspension of payment.

Questions with regard to this notice can be send by email to and will be answered, if necessary after consultation with the administrator, by email.